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Foxhill Teachers' Bespoke Learning Packs (w/c 20.7.20)
Foxhill Nursery
Foxhill Reception
Year 1
Foxhill Year 2
Foxhill Year 3
Foxhill Year 4
Foxhill Year 5
Foxhill Year 6
Y6 maths pack
Summer themed learning
Reception Phonics
Year 1 English
Year 2 English
Year 3 English
Year 4 English
Year 5 English
Year 6 English
Reception Maths
Year 1 Maths
Year 2 moving into Year 3 Maths
Year 3 moving into Year 4 Maths
Year 4 moving into Year 5 Maths
Year 5 moving into Year 6 Maths
Year 6  Maths
Summer fun!
Fun Summer activites for each class
Daily lessons with videos & activities
Daily Phonics lessons for Reception & Y1 (funded by the Government)
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The Government's daily online lessons
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BBC Bitesize daily lessons 
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Classroom Secret Daily lessons and timetables
White Rose daily Maths lessons  - videos & sheets
NEW Reading Books
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Match Oxford levels to our school levels


Education City  


Espresso Learning


Espresso Coding


My Maths (KS2) 


TT Rockstars (KS2)



Phonics fun!
Common Exception word spellings
These are words for each year group to learn to read and spell.
Y 1 & 2
Y 3 & 4
Y 5 & 6
KS1 spelling  activities to make it fun!
KS2 spelling activities to make it fun!
Teacher recommended websites
Children with SEND
Early Years 
Early Years and KS1

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